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Kerik: Compel the Presidential Candidates to Take a Stand on Criminal Justice Reform


Last week, 24 million viewers were glued to their televisions for the most watched presidential debate in U.S. history. This wasn’t just good for Fox News and its ratings, but great news for our country. Americans care about the future of this nation. However, an historic opportunity was missed to ...

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Conservatives Push to Reform Failing Criminal Justice System


For more than 40 years, conservatives have been associated with “get tough” anti-crime policies, including stiff mandatory minimum sentencing laws. Today, however, a new generation of conservative leaders is promoting a new approach that is tough on crime without being tough on taxpayers. Right-leaning governors and state legislators have championed ...

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ACCJR Chairman Bernie Kerik on President Obama’s Commutation of 46 Non-Violent Drug Offenders


Former New York Police Commissioner and Chairman of the American Coalition for Criminal Justice Reform (ACCJR), Bernie Kerik in response to today’s announcement by President Barack Obama regarding the commuted the prison sentences of 46 drug offenders issued the following statement:  The American Coalition of Criminal Justice Reform applauds President Obama’s commutation of 46 non-violent drug ...

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