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The American Coalition for Criminal Justice Reform is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, organization established to advocate for common sense, statistic based initiatives that will transform our outdated criminal justice system. ACCJR works to create sensible change to state and federal laws that will improve the social and economic lives of American families.

Appetite for Change

  • A growing majority of Americans believe the rate and cost of incarceration are out of control.
  • American voters support policy changes that transition non-violent offenders from penitentiaries to more effective, often less expensive alternatives.
  • No longer a right and left issue, sentencing and correction reform show strong support across the political spectrum including: gender, racial and ethnic groups.
  • Elected leaders from both parties at every level of government are looking for ways to work across the aisle to reform our criminal justice system.

Action Items

  • Prison Population Reduction: recommend methods to reduce the size of the Federal prison system through enhanced good-time incentives, alternatives to incarceration, recidivism reducing education, vocation and life improvement programs.
  • Modernization: examine draconian sentencing guidelines focusing on mandatory minimums, conspiracy laws and expansion of the federal criminal code that now turns ethical, civil, and regulatory missteps into criminal conduct.
  • Accountability: evaluate current inefficiencies and waste within the criminal justice and prison systems to find solutions that safe guard tax dollars and improve outcomes.
  • Restoration: of basic constitutional rights that facilitate the transition back to normalized American life, except in the most extreme cases.

Education & Advocacy

  • Education: Take Commissioner Kerik’s story to everyday Americans and decision makers to illustrate that similar occurrences can happen to them and their loved ones unless we engage in a national debate for reform.
  • Advocacy: Draft and support federal, state and local legislation through modern political campaign strategies and tactics to transform our outdated criminal justice system.

Why support ACCJR

ACCJR is the leading nonprofit advocacy organization engaged in the direct education and advocacy of specific legislation at all levels of government pertaining to criminal justice reform.  Moving a politically stigmatized issue like criminal justice reform requires a thoughtful campaign approach that draws comparisons between ideas and mobilizes citizens and decision makers to act.  Our special nonprofit advocacy structure means that ACCJR can do what no other nonprofit organizations are currently equipped to do: run an aggressive advocacy campaign for criminal justice reform.

Led by Bernard Kerik, one of the most accomplished leaders in law enforcement, correction, and national security in the United States. His unparalleled achievements as New York City’s Police and Correction Commissioner, and his 30 year career in the criminal justice field, coupled with his later incarceration, has provided Mr. Kerik with a unique and one-of-a kind perspective into the U.S. criminal justice and prison systems.